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  • Tax relief for families, not big corporations

  • Access to affordable healthcare, including mental health and prescription drugs

  • Support for start-up and small business

  • Smart investments in our future, such as education, childcare, infrastructure, and broadband access 


Far too often, big corporations get the lion’s share of tax relief while the average family pays the bill. I’ve supported legislation to eliminate completely the state sales tax on food, lower property taxes for your family home, and to lower your state income tax - all while fighting against corporate handouts that are financed with your tax dollars. 


For many of our friends and neighbors, healthcare is out of reach. It’s too expensive - with high premiums and unrealistic deductibles and copays. I support policies that expand access to affordable health coverage, increase access to quality mental health services, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. Our healthcare system is in crisis, with too many people suffering with untreated illness and insurmountable medical debt. I’m committed to doing everything possible to make our healthcare system work for the average family. 


The backbone of our economy isn’t the giant corporations - it’s the small, locally-owned businesses in our community. Yet many of the state’s economic development policies overlook the entrepreneurs and innovators right here at home. I support legislation that helps small business succeed and grow, and believe that our future relies on the ability of individuals to have the opportunity to realize their dreams. 


It’s important that Kansas keeps its eye on the future - and makes intelligent investments that set up our state for success in a changing economy. Kansas has a wealth of resources and a ready and capable workforce ready to tackle whatever tomorrow might bring. It’s important to have leaders in Topeka who understand the value of critical investments - such as education, infrastructure, and childcare - that ensure we’re poised for growth in an increasingly competitive and changing world. 

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